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  • Pastor Nathaniel

Now is a Good Time to Turn Back

Peter’s Good Friday was pretty rotten. NOT as bad as Jesus’ for sure, but from the Last Supper to Jesus’ crucifixion, Peter’s life and faith took a nosedive like Wile E Coyote going off a cliff. If you aren’t familiar with Wile E., search him on YouTube.

In a few short hours, Peter went from powerful to pathetic. One moment he was telling Jesus he would die with him, the next he was denying his Lord and friend.

But even at his lowest, Peter still had a purpose.

Jesus still had a purpose for Peter. He never gave up on Peter even when He knew that Peter would deny knowing Him.

Speaking of knowing, Jesus used his omniscient (all-knowing) power leading up to the events of that first Easter weekend.

He knew Judas would betray him. He knew Peter would deny him.

Go back to Matthew 20:17-19 and you see that Jesus knew that he would be mocked, flogged, crucified, and then raised to life on the third day.

He also knew Peter would be a major player in the future of the church - Matthew 16:18

And Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail and that he would fulfill his purpose and strengthen the church when he turned back after his mistake. –Luke 22:31-32

This Easter weekend, may we remember that true life and purpose are found when we turn to Jesus, the Author of Life and the Perfecter of our faith. He defines who we are in Him by His love for us. We all fall down, but our faith doesn’t have to fail. We all make mistakes, but our failures does not define us.

The Lord will help us up. Like Peter, may we turn back, strengthen one another, and allow Him to restore us to be the people He created us to be. --John 21:15-19



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