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  • Pastor Nathaniel

Feeling A Lot of Emotions Lately? It's Okay. You're Human

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As followers of Christ, we know that God is God and He means to work in us and through us, in the good times and the bad.

Let’s also remember that we are human.

We are all people created in His image

--and with that comes emotions.

Times are tense right now. All of us are feeling a lot of different emotions.

And that’s okay. We’re human.

The last few weeks have been a string of disappointments, with plans having to be cancelled or postponed. We’re dealing with the fear of uncertainty. The fear of loved ones getting sick. The grief of having life as we knew it upended.

There is a new emptiness of not being together in the places with love with the people we love.

All of these are real emotions that each of us are wrestling with.

With all of that in mind, take care of yourself. Allow yourself to acknowledge whatever emotion you may be feeling and submit it (or them) to God.

Don’t wrestle alone. Cry out to Jesus. Call a friend or a family member.

When the Lord brings someone to mind, give them a call. One way we can serve one another is by checking in and listening to someone when they share with us what they’re feeling.

Before I wrap up things up, just a reminder how everyone around us is dealing with a wide range of emotions too.

Extend grace. Bear the fruit of patience.

And remember, The LORD heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

-Psalm 147:3



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